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Naked Rock Climbing?

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Experience a New Thrill: Naked Rock Climbing

Experience a New Thrill: Naked Rock Climbing

Yes, you read it right. If you are tired and bored with your usual rock climbing activities, you will certainly get a kick out of naked rock climbing. It is the new trend that is taking rock climbing to the edge of extremes and nudity to a much higher level, quite literally.


Rock climbing has two major forms: Free Climbing, which involves reliance on physical strength, only uses climbing equipment for protection and not for support; Aid Climbing on the other hand is the opposite of the first where the climb rests heavily on the use of several climbing gear. This new form of rock climbing is not just physically demanding, but requires a great deal of mental discipline and pure guts.

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With hundreds of participants already in the United States where it is said to have originated, the craze is now moving fast even in Britain, bringing new adrenaline and passion for this already challenging sport.


Said to have captured the “true essence of the climbing spirit”, the idea of climbing naked with, of course no clothing and equipment of any kind even said to have inspired experienced rock climber and photographer Dean Fildelman. He even made a calendar filled with his collection of “striking” pictures of nude climbers called Stone Nudes.


This interesting twist to the well-known outdoor and indoor game is not for the faint-hearted, of course. Involving nothing but the sheer function and strength of the human body against the natural elements, it does heighten the difficulty without the protection of a harness or the support of climbing gear.


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